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The current legal environment  has been fossilized for ages, almost screaming and begging for modernisation, Social media has brought the world closer than ever, but when it comes to the law, The United Kingdom still has to fill in a big gap between clients and their possibility to access Justice, it is very hard to find a quick solution or quick help. But this problem is now over thanks to a new polarizing legal matchmaking company.


Be My Lawyer is a brand new innovative platform that links prospective clients with solicitors and barristers in the United Kingdom. The idea behind this ground-breaking conservatory framework is to introduce the key facet of its intermediary tools via social media and various networking instruments; to the current legal system.


Be My Lawyer presents their work through a well-structured website, intuitive and easy on the eyes. Easy to use both for people and Lawyers. Our approach is based on disclosure, with all-inclusive information disseminated upon admission. As a cost effective apparatus, the transparency immediately projects certainty of price and value to the clients that contact us; providing a comprehensive breakdown of all components, including lawyers fee and court expenditure.


Be My Lawyer simultaneously offers specific practice areas by unifying specialists from different areas of law, such as: Divorce and Family law, Immigration Visa and Citizenship, Criminal Offences, Labour Law, Business and Start Ups, Conveyancing, Personal Jury and many more.

Our Approach is completely personalized, we send quotes and approach clients case-by-case basis.  The founder was helping a close relative which later expanded solely to dispense the help those affected by the complexity of legal jargon. Consequently, Be My Lawyer has emerged and advanced to become a preliminary influence to our current legal system.



“It is often said that the greatest companies are those who solve concrete problems and companies that arise from a measurable need”.


With this quote in mind, the founder started to guide people in how they could represent themselves in court without having a barrister or solicitor beside them. As a result, Be My Lawyer has helped thousands of people in child-related cases alone. This is an extraordinary number for such a short period of time. We are Bringing Value and Professionalism all over the Legal Profession and are Always on the Look for talented Lawyers or firms who want to partner with Us.

Be My Lawyer is the initiation of a modern legal system for the United Kingdom, and Wales.  As a practical proof of the most important step of all is the first step, Be My Lawyer great accomplishment should not be the end produce, but the starting point for the next leap forward of greatness.  Be My Lawyer, be the outcome you desire.



Article By Octavio Santos

Legal Content Developer

Be My Lawyer

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