Our Mission


It all started when Macchris and his team, after helping his aunty through a terrible divorce, decided they were going to forever shape the legal system. It is often said that the greatest companies are those who solve concrete problems and companies that arise from a measurable need. Well, the cuts saw the legal aid budget reduced by £320m from 2014, and are expected to cull another £220m each year by 2018.

As a Result of this we assisted to more than 66000 people between 2014-15 going to court without a solicitor or Barrister and this only for child arrangements related cases.

Initial Solution

In March we Launched the first Free Self-representation training course that teaches people going through court issues how to represent themselves in court on BeMyLawyer.co.uk and have helped hundreds of people.

We soon realized that, although people loved using them, our courses were negatively affecting Lawyers, who had no fault in the cuts and who were suffering from them just like people. We needed to create something that could help both people and professionals and also serve as a communicating ground.


We then began interviewing legal professionals and creating a network of Barristers, Solicitors, Consultants and paralegals. Together we built a platform that is filling in the gap between legal services providers and those in need of legal advice and support.


Our Legal Marketplace aims to put Law firms without huge advertising budgets such as Quality medium-small firms and Quality sole practitioners on the same level of Firms with huge marketing spend. Doing this right would mean to balance the distribution of jobs and revenue within the legal profession while ultimately benefitting consumers.


Our team is restless and committed to using technology to advance the legal profession, especially in an environment where the legal uncertainty caused by the overly discussed “Brexit” seems to have thrown the country off balance.

We have already involved countless professionals and partnered with various influential organizations.