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Hilal Sheick

Development Manager 

An analytical, entrepreneurial and commercially aware individual. A highly enthusiastic, confident and motivated professional with extensive knowledge and experience in financial services and support sectors. Excellent interpersonal, communication and leadership ability utilized to build and foster credible relationships to a senior level. Proven ability to achieve multiple targets whilst working to tight deadlines and maintaining good attention to detail.  



Elvinas Kukys

Investor relations & HR

You’ll never spot him badly dressed. Motivated and open minded. Loves playing ice hockey. Flourished within the legal industry and focused on delivering work of exceptional quality without excuses. He is a Hands on individual, who  created a law society while still in University, for law students, to help build a network of legal professionals. He is a delight to work with.  



Tracy Craig 

Legal Areas Correspondent

Tracy Is one of our most dedicated members as well as the Star of our Youtube channel. When she is not giving all she has to the world of law she likes to keep active and particularly enjoys doing squats! She also enjoys socializing and is also a bit of a foodie! There is nothing like a Chinese takeaway, By the way, She’s a great baker too.



Craig Chipatuko

Marketing & Media Director

A creative, positive and charming individual, who always strives to achieve the highest standard possible at any given task, he  possesses excellent communication skills has the ability and experience to relate to a wide range of people. he enjoy learning new things and blushes when reading so many positive things about himself all at once 



Macchris C. Ilo 

Founder and Director

Macchris Is the one who had the vision for something greater than good. He Founded  Be My Lawyer and since then has delivered work of outstanding quality for which he has been awarded on different occasions. He has helped countless people and Lawyers make the right decision and looks forward to helping even more. In his free time, he likes to...Wait, he has no free time. 




Aline Machado

Marketing and Talent Acquisition

Aline is a vibrant Lawyer, always willing to help. She is in charge of Solidifying relationships with existing clients.
She also spots Managerial Talent Receives Notifications by other team members about interesting and talented professionals.
She gathers details of Students interested in Gaining Experience. You will never see her frown, Her smile is her secret Weapon.  


Ruth Samuel

Legal Editor

Our amazing Legal Editor is responsible for Researching, writing, commissioning and delivering well-written, up-to-date content for online publication that reflects current market legal practice and is of the quality and scope that meets the business objectives and needs of the public. Complex words aside, she is simply the oil that allows the engine to run. Smooth and Essential.


Octavio Santos

Legal Content Developer

Brazilian Lawyer focused on Constitutional Law, Business savvy and entrepreneurial at heart. Octavio is creative, motivated and a committed team player. He is really passionate about football and Law and also Loves playing the guitar. Dedicated to BeMyLawyer and astute network developer. His favorite quote?!
“It’s my failure to sound like my heroes that’s allowed me to sound like myself.”




Amal Hussain

Legal Brand Manager

Amal is a Highly skilled communicator with a passion for history, fashion and traveling. She deals with public awareness and with engaging new clients and professionals. In addition, she is  flexible, ambitious, hard working and determined. She is always ready to undertake new challenges with a big smile on her face.